TOMOFIX Osteotomy System

The TOMOFIX Osteotomy system provides stable fixation of osteotomies close to the knee and consists of five plates designed for specific parts of anatomy: TOMOFIX medial high Tibia Plate,TOMOFIX Medial high tibia plate, TOMOFIX Lateral Distal femur plate , and TOMOFIX Medial Distal Femur Plate. All of the plate in the TOMOFIX Osteotomy system are designed according to Locking Compression Plate System principles. The Fixed-angle constractions throughout the plate, improving retention of screw in the plate and in cortical bone. Dynamic compression can be achieved by eccentric insertion of 4.5 mm titanium cortex screw in the dynamic compression unit (DCU) portion of the hole. The plates are available in titanium, range in length from 102 mm to 141 mm, and accept 5.0 mm titanium locking screw and 4.5 mm titanium cortex screws.


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