Bions Medical Systems Pvt.Ltd

Making Healthcare Better Together

BIONS Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd is a leading distributor in the state of Kerala engaged in the business of Surgical Solutions, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Research Automations & Associated consumables and reagents.

The company has been, from its time of inception in the year of 2003, acted as a bridge to reduce the gap between the technology and technical expertise from technologically advanced markets to the State, through strategic tie ups with market leaders internationally.


To contribute to the betterment of humankind by bridging the gap of technical expertise between technologically developed markets and the state of Kerala, by tying up with the best-in-class global companies in the specific areas of operation. We shall always strive to achieve the same, by dealing with the best, doing the best possible and offering the best.


OUR Mission

To establish an organization on the foundation of ethics and values in the field of Healthcare & Life Science Research, for the benefit of fellow beings, keeping human touch on all dealings, while complying with the highest standard of business conduct, irrespective of the size of the business.

Our Departments



Are you looking for an opportunity to maximize your potential? As a large healthcare technology company, we are committed to hiring and developing the best while providing them room to grow. Our talented teams are creating solutions to transform the healthcare system so we can impact lives for the better, and our teammates inspire us every day

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