S9 E/S9 D/S9 i

The S series offers high magnification of up to 55x in combination with a large 9:1 zoom range and Apochromatic corrected optics with Fusion optics technology and 122mm working distance. This limits workflow interruptions from microscope adjustments and enables operators to inspect parts of different sizes more quickly.

  • Inspect, observe, or manipulate your sample exclusively through the eyepieces. The S9 E provides a cost effective solution with fast return on investment if you don’t need to document with your microscope.
  • Stay flexible – add a camera to the S9 D for documentation and sharing at any time. Observe your sample through the eyepieces and capture images simultaneously.
  • Share, document, and report results quickly and reliably. The integrated 10 MP CMOS camera of the S9 i can live stream images via USB, HDMI or Ethernet connection to your PC, HD-monitor, or mobile device.


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