HistoCore MULTICUT – Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome

When you need the precision and speed of manual sectioning with the efficiency benefits of a semi-automated setup, the HistoCore MULTICUT saves the day. The new generation of microtomes from Leica Biosystems is built upon our 145+ year heritage of market-leading microtome design. Combining the speed of a manual microtome with the precision of motorized specimen feeding, MULTICUT helps you get consistent, reproducible sections.

  • Advance or retract the specimen in the position most comfortable for you – manually using the Personalized Coarse Feed Wheel or user-motorized with the push of a button.
  • Enable fast and effortless trimming: with Fast Homing and Memory Position, the instrument can remember the optimal specimen position for your sectioning.
  • Produce high quality sections for IHC when using MULTICUT with the RM Cool Clamp.


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