EZ4 and EZ4 E

Leica Microsystems presents affordable stereo microscopes featuring renowned Leica StereoZoom  performance for industrial quality control and routine laboratory applications. The Leica E-Series features a 4.4:1 zoom range, unique 3-way incident light technology, direct connection to an HD display, captures images and movie clips on an SD card, controls the camera functions via two onboard buttons

  • Leica EZ4 with fixed 10× eyepieces
  • Leica EZ4 with fixed 16× eyepieces
  • Leica EZ4 with open eyetubes (optional eyepiece selection)
  • Leica EZ4 E with integrated high definition digital camera and free LAS (Leica Application Software)
  • Leica EZ4 E offers high-resolution (up to 1920 × 1080) live image on an HD display for sample manipulation, observing moving specimens, and viewing the finest details on large screens.


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