EXPERT TN. Tibial Nail

Versatile Proximal locking options: Three innovative locking options, in combination with cancellous bone locking screws, increase the stabilitymof the proximal fragment for proximal third fractures. two state of the art medio-lateral (ML) locking options enable primary compression or secondary controlled dynamization. Anatomic bend for ease of nail insertion Titanium alloy TAN* for improved mechanical and fatigue prpoerties Cannulated Nail  ( from 8mm to 13mm ) for reamed or unreamed techniques, enabling nail insertion over guide wire The 2.5mm or 3mm vball tipped guide wires may be removed through the nail and insertion handle assembly Solid nails (from 8mm to 10mm) for unreamed technique. Distal oblique locking option to prevent soft tissue damage and increase stability of the distal fragment Two ML and one antero-posterior (AP) locking options for stability of the distal fragment


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