DM750 P

The Leica DM750 P polarizing microscope was specifically developed to revitalize earth science teaching and to achieve the goal of more hands-on time for Earth and Materials Science courses.

  • The spread of disease from surfaces is of great concern, especially in educational environments. Leica Microsystems has integrated an additive so that all microscope touch points are treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Analyzer module to accommodate analyzer sliders for basic polarization microscopy.
  • Conoscopy analyzer/Bertrand lens module with upfront clearly labeled flip in/flip out controls to prevent dust damage and confusion of operation.Bertrand lens is easily centerable with the provided tool (stored in module).
  • Conoscopy advanced analyzer/Bertrand lens module also provides a focusable Bertrand lens to fine tune the focus of the Conoscopic Image for different magnifications.
  • Onboard storage locations for two nosepiece compensators and the objective centering tools to prevent loss.


Rotate screen to normal mode