The Leica DM4 P automatically detects which contrast method and objective are being used. This provides valuable consistency and reproducibility for your research. Manual diaphragm setting is no longer required, either in the transmitted light or incident light method. You can concentrate on your work.   The Leica DM4 P transmitted and incident light axis are now equipped with state-of-the art high-power LED illumination, contrastable to 100 W halogen lamp. The long lifetime LED with at least 50.000 h is suitable for all incident and transmitted light contrasting methods. By the constant color temperature at all light intensity levels the object appears always at its real color. Permanent white balancing on camera is not longer required.

  • Coded 6 fold centerable Nosepiece for calibrated images.
  • Coded centerable and focusable bertand lens module.
  • Build in 1.6x mag changer.
  • Automatic diaphragm setting and light intensity.
  • Constant Color Intensity by advanced LED technology.
  • Condenser lens swings in and out automatically.


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