The Leica DM IL LED is exceptionally well-suited for uses ranging from various cell and tissue culture examinations in life sciences, developmental biology studies or micromanipulation in cell biology to living cell examinations in transgenics or electrophysiology.

  • Phase contrast is used primarily in live cell microscopy to make structures in unstained specimens visible. Three preadjusted light rings on a slider allow phase contrast for all objectives from 5x to 63x.
  • IMC creates relief-type images and has proven to be an alternative to Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), particularly in micromanipulation. The IMC developed by Leica Microsystemsdoes not require special objectives because the IMC modulator is not integrated into the objective, but operated via a separate slider.
  • Incident-light fluorescence is an integral part of the Leica DM IL LED Fluo microscope variant. The fluorescence slider holds three filter blocks. The transmitted light method and fluorescence can be used simultaneously.


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