Biosystems A25

BioSystems offers the A25 as a complete system that integrates biochemistry and turbidimetry dedicated reagents designed to achieve the highest performance, with reliable and durable mechanics and optics, and Software covering major areas of laboratory management in a simple and intuitive way: a winning combination for your laboratory.
  • Throughput of 240 test/hour
  • System capacity for refrigerated reagents up to 30 positions with independent power supply Flexibility in positioning of sample (primary tubes and paediatric vials in any position) and reagents Use of dedicated reagents ready to use without any manipulation or transfer
  • Low water consumption: 1,6 L/h
  • Minimum volume in reaction cuvette: 180 µL
  • Intuitive and easy to follow software, including bidirectional LlS Integration, STAT and Internal Quality Control (Levey-Jennings graphs)
  • Automated daily maintenance and self-check
  • Automatic and configurable management of reagent interference
  • Real prozone detection function
  • Calibrator automatic dilution to prepare the calibration curves
  • Automatic pre and post-dilutions of samples
  • All conditioning components always installed in the system High accuracy dispensing systems: CV < 2% for 3 µL of sample.


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