BioSystem BTS-350

  • Semi Auto Analyzer capable for analysing Bio-Chemistry &Turbidimetry Assays.
  • Light Source: LED based Maintenance Free light source.
  • Assay: Monochromatic / Bichromatic Assays are possible.
  • Result Storage: Comprehensive Test Panel capable of storing over 2000 results.
  • Program Locations:150 pre-programmed techniques, quality control tracking and straightforward software to operate.
  • Data Storage: Instrument has inbuilt USB flash drive port.
  • Photometric range: 0-3.5 Abs for all wavelengths.
  • Instrument Spectral range: From 340-670nm.
  • Filters: Instrument has 8 filters and one free position for optional wave length.
  • Reading Cuvettes: Instrument works on Flow cuvette, common cuvettes (macro, semi-micro and micro) or round test tubes (12mm diameter x 75mm length).
  • Flow cell volume: 18µl only. 12. Instrument Display : LCD graphic display (320x240pixels)
  • Internal Quality Control Program: 2 level internal quality control program with option of L-J graph preparation.
  • External quality control Program: Built in on line external quality control with Levey –Jennings graphics.
  • Calibration: Calibration by factor, single calibrator, or through calibration curve.
  • Battery Back Up ( Optional) : Instrument can have Battery backup of 2 hrs
  • Online graph preparation: It is possible for kinetic procedures.


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