Automated Microplate Processors

Bio-Rad offers a powerful, fully-automated microplate processing platform, suitable for laboratories of any volume. The Model 1575 Immunowash Microplate Washer automatically aspirates dried blood spots from microplate wells, while simultaneously washing the coated-well microplates. Its compact design includes Integrated vacuum and dispensing pumps ensure accurate and quiet washing. Compatible with flat, U- or V-bottom plates, Model 1575 offers a wide choice of washing methods that can be combined in complex sequences to meet the toughest technical demands. It stores up to 75 user-defined protocols, and adapts to strip or plate wash modes with interchangeable manifolds for 8- and 12-well strips. Additional features include programmable needle positions for bottom washing, crosswise aspiration and overflow washing. One-half height and power-wash settings are available, along with dispense-speed control and plate-shaking options. Unit includes bottles, tubing, 8-port manifold, manual and aerosol protection cover. Optional 12-port manifold and standard maintenance kit sold separately.


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