Implants for Clavicle

Implants for Clavicle

3.5 mm LCP Superior and Anterior Clavicle Plate

  • The 3.5 mm LCP Clavicle Plates combine locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques.
  • Plates feature COMBI Bone Plate Holes that allow fixation with locking screws in the threaded section for angular stability, and cortex screws in the dynamic compression unit (DCU) section for compression.
  • A fixed-angle construct provides advantages in osteopenic bone or multifragment fractures where screws do not rely on plate-to-bone compression to resist patient load, but function similarly to multiple, small, angled blade plates.
  • The wide range of pre-contoured plates allows surgeons to select the plate that will best fit the patient’s anatomy.


3.5 mm LCP Clavicle Hook Plate

  • The plate facilitates optimal implant placement and surgery to provide an improved outcome.
  • Smooth hook design and posterior hook offset
  • Rounded shaft profile helps minimize the risk of soft tissue irritation between the plate and surrounding soft tissue, the acromioclavicular joint and the rotator cuff
  • Undercuts in shaft reduce impairment of blood supply
  • 12° bend in shaft eases implant placement
  • 3 different hook depths, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm
  • 6 sizing templates help in selection of the proper hook size


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