Tissue Processor

Tissue Processor

Leica TP1020 Semi-enclosed Benchtop Tissue Processor

The Leica TP1020 is an automatic tissue processor that perfectly combines approved technology with modern, user-friendly design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety for tissue at all stages of the processing run, robust engineering design based on innovative precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface – these are the convincing features of the Leica TP1020. Easy to program, this instrument offers the user utmost flexibility to suit the individual requirements of any laboratory

The Leica TP1020 tissue processor is available in four configurations: the basic instrument, the basic instrument with vacuum, the basic instrument with a fume control system and the basic instrument with both vacuum and fume control.


Leica ASP300 S Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor

The Leica ASP300 S, designed for routine clinical and research histopathology, is an innovative, smart processor for paraffin infiltration of tissue. Proven, enhanced technology and the intuitive user interface are hallmarks of the ASP300 S. Straightforward routine user operations and a variety of ‘Smart’ features, such as the Reagent Management System (RMS) and quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy. Once again the Leica ASP300 S sets a standard. Leica Biosystems’ application of state-of-the art engineering and manufacturing technology, combined with top quality components, continues to bring superior specimen processing to your laboratory.


LeicaASP6025 Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor

A High Performance Tissue Processor

Focus on quality because you are trusted with human tissue, quality always comes first. That’s why the primary focus of the ASP6025 tissue processor is to ensure all your specimens receive optimal processing.

A familiar interface lets you easily set-up runs correctly, and you can be confident that intelligent automation is constantly monitoring and protecting critical reagents. With built-in sensors the ASP6025 tissue processor measures the concentration of each alcohol to ensure the optimal sequence.


Leica PELORIS II Premium Tissue Processing System

The Optimized Solution for Efficiency, Productivity and Flexibility

With PELORIS II, your laboratory can enjoy the confidence of high-quality results while addressing new workflow challenges like reduced turnaround times, lean lab processes and same day diagnosis.

Same day diagnosis allows your laboratory to provide results to clinicians and patients in minimal time. Prompt diagnosis reduces patient anxiety levels and means treatment can start sooner.

A range of dedicated smart consumables adds extra valuewith cassettes that eliminate biopsy pads, solid Parablocks wax for easy wax handling, and reagents to completely eliminate xylene.


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