Powered Equipment

Powered Equipment

IPC Electrical Console


Medtronic XPS Nexus

The XPS Nexus System is indicated for the incision/cutting, removal and drilling of soft and hard tissue and bone in head and neck/ENT, surgical procedures.

Connects to the StraightShot M4 Microdebrider
Handpiece recognition
Built-in irrigation pump
Foot pedal with non-slip design (sold separately)
IV pole


Medtronic M5 Microdebrider

The StraightshotTM M5 Microdebrider is an innovative powered handpiece for ENT surgery that helps improve intraoperative functionality and precision.

QuadcutTMBlade for real relief from blade clogging
No array, clamps, or calibration required
True plug-and-play functionality
Factory-calibrated for EM surgical navigation
Seamlessly integrates with FusionTMENT Surgical Navigation and StraightShot M5 Microdebrider
Available in straight and curved blades, including Quadcut, TricutTM, and RADTMsinus blades.


Medtronic M4 Microdebrider

Winner of a Medical Device Excellence Award, it’s the first microdebrider that lets you rotate only the tip of the curved blade during ENT surgery.

Precisely excising bone from the nasal crest in a frontal sinustomy with an irrigated curved bur at 12,000 rpm
Removing submucosal stromal tissue from hypertrophied inferior turbinates
Endoscopically debulking laryngeal and tracheal tumors
Delicately removing papilloma from the vocal fold at an ultra-low 60 rpm.


Medtronic Skeeter

Designed for advanced otologic surgery of the middle ear or stapes footplate.

Variable speed, footswitch-controlled
Speeds up to 12,000 RPM
Self-powered or use with MPS console with optional adapter
Full range of color-coded Oto-Flex burs available


Medtronic IPC

The IPC System is a multispecialty surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries. Our IPC System and its suite of application-specific products make it the most versatile console in the market.

IntelIiFlow irrigation remote control
Helpful graphics for each handpiece
Easy-to-use touchscreen
Connect up to four handpieces at once
Color coded connectors for ease of use


Medtronic Indigo Drill

The Indigo Otologic Drill offers excellent surgical access and visibility. Its small, lightweight body provides the power and performance required for a wide range of otologic procedures. It features:

High speed and ample torque for fast debulking of the mastoid
Straight and angled attachments
Improved surgical access and visibility in cramped otologic spaces
Compatibility with a variety of Medtronic Xomed®otology burs
Grooves on attachment nose for more stable irrigation


Medtronic Hydro Debrider

The Hydrodebrider System is an innovative chronic sinusitis treatment from Medtronic that uses pressurized sinus irrigation to help remove bacteria that cause ongoing sinus infections.

Innovative Flex-Tip that incorporates suction and 270° articulation for direct sinus irrigation and fluid removal
Ideal for accessing the maxillary, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinuses
2.2 mm diameter for accessing the hard-to-reach frontal sinuses
May be used with olive-tip suction for fluid removal


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